Friday letters.

First of all, of course... Dear readers and fellow bloggers, it's nice to see and hear from you.  How have you all been?  Where have your lives taken you in the past few months?  I'd love to know.


Dear self, relax.  The weather is nice, life is calming down, things are happier.  (Also, dear stomach, I apologize deeply for the stress, but I'm glad you're healing).

To the outdoors... thank you for providing a comfortable place to escape again.  Nothing heals a stressed mind faster than a quick breath of fresh air, or sleeping with the windows open on a rainy night.

Dear camera, I took you up north last weekend and took some beautiful pictures by the water.  Although, anyone with any camera could, it's so gorgeous up there.  The last time I picked you up was the last time I went to the same cabin, with the same water... which was covered in ice and snow.  How weird to be looking through bright springtime photos of the lake, just to all the sudden stumble upon the snowy winter pictures from December.  Sorry for this, I'll try to keep you at my side more often.

Dear iPhone, sorry you're so full of photos lately, but you've been such a great (much lighter) substitute to my DLSR!  (Just look at all the pictures in this post!)

Dear family and Dave, I wish I could completely express how much it means to me when you all deal with my crap, even when I'm miserable to be around.  You're always there with open arms.  I couldn't ask for more (even though I really ask for a lot).

Also, Dave, thank you for taking me with you to go fishing, even if my line gets stuck and fishing suddenly goes from relaxing to dangerous in one quick cast.

How has life been for all of you lately?  I'm excited to catch up and see where you've gone with your blogs.  I know, I'm acting like I've been away for a year, but I kind of feel like I have!  I miss this.

I've been battling sinus infections, one after the other.  Pollen is not on my side this year.  But I'm battling through it, and still trying to spend as much time outside as possible.  The more winters I experience in Michigan, the more I appreciate the summer months.  We've been having a TON of rain... but I love it.  Especially those little (although intense) storms that come through out of no where in the middle of a sunny, humid day.

I figured I'd share a bit of what's filling up my phone lately... more and more little bits of life. 

So get me up to speed.  Let me know how you all are!  I'm excited to be back, even if (again) it's just for a little while.