Wintertime photos.

It finally feels like winter!  We were lucky for a while; the temperature stayed in the 40s for a while, but now it's in the teens.  We got our first good snow during the holidays.  I think I'm about ready for all of it to melt now.  My car hates the snow.  I'm not sure my puppies like it either.

Milo is excited by the snow, until he runs to the door shivering and whining.

The icicles hanging from the roofs of the townhouses are monsters.  They're dripping right in front of the doors and turning our patios into mini ice rinks.

Chunks of the icicles fall and hit the ground.  Can you imagine if one of these smoked you in the head... while you were busy ice skating on your personal patio ice rink?

I hate being stuck indoors all the time.  Although, a few months back when I was living on the east coast, I was complaining about how humid the hot summer air was (it was so thick you could sometimes barely breathe).  I guess I deserve this then.

At least I have a cozy little townhouse where I can cuddle up and keep warm.



  1. I really like your blog! Your puppies are SO cute! I never had a dog, I´ve always wanted one tho.. I feel like it´s a great experience and I love it when they show you their love and change your mood in a second! :)

    You´re really good at photography!

    1. Thank you!! They are funny little things. The smaller one is just a baby, he's only almost 4 months! They definitely keep me on my toes. :0)