Some of my favorite shots I've taken with my iPhone.

I have over 2,000 photos on my iPhone... my old iPhone (that took a dive in a disgusting puddle at a Kroger bottle return) had over 4,000!  Having a camera built into something that I carry around with my everywhere comes in handy all the time.

These are my favorite shots on my phone right now. (I wish they had uploaded in order!)

This is my new puppy, Milo.  He sleeps with his tongue out!

Him and Skittles absolutely love each other.

This is actually the most recent photo in this post... and the polish I'm wearing right now!

The before and after... my new dining room (October).

I love surprises :)

A photo of a photo.  Me, my mom, and my brother.

Cheesecake bites!

A crab leg I found on the beach at Sandy Pointe in Maryland.

Sandy Pointe Beach in Maryland.

Phoebe loved greeting me as I walked in the door.

A little reminder of home that I found at Walmart in Maryland.

A sleeping Phoebe.

Stuck in rain and traffic on the way home from work in Maryland.

A mug I bought for a best friend!

Sticking my toes in the sand at Sandy Pointe in Maryland.

A huge slug in Odenton, Maryland.  Gross.  It was so muggy that day.

When I lived by myself so far away, I had no one to help me with my groceries!

Almost to the hotel I stayed at in Philly.

311 concert in Philly!

More Philly.  Great views.

I feel like I've seen these signs from here to Maryland and back a million times.

A younger Skittles.

They had just paved the parking lots at my complex in Maryland.  I LOVE that smell.

Ocean City, Maryland.

Skittles sporting a new haircut.

Best feeling ever.... coming home with a bag of new perfumes.

New York City.

I've seen this tea pot so many times at TJMaxx, and I love it!

Fish (yuck) at Bass Pro in the Arundel Mills Mall (Hanover, MD).

More TJMaxx goodies!

Skittles is one of the best cuddlers around.

Friends in Ocean City, MD.

This was when I first brought Phoebe home!

On my way to Philly!

Alien cat.  In the process of moving... Phoebe loved all the boxes.

New York City.

Nothing better than a swim on a muggy, hot summer day.

Ocean City, Maryland.

In Frankenmuth for their annual Autofest and my 21st birthday.  These hoodies were HILARIOUS.

Bronner's Christmas store in Frankenmuth.  I love this tree so much.

Shopping with my mom up by Romeo, Michigan.  This store had so many cute things!

I found these while shopping with my mom, too.  This was a puppy boutique... they had so many different shoes!

I love these colors together.  This was an upholstery store I visited with my mom in Romeo. 

This was also at one of those shops, so cute!

Sugar-free goodies in Frankenmuth.

Up north at Hubbard lake.  I fell in love with this place.

More Bronner's in Frankenmuth.  I could never even guess how many ornaments are in that store.

Another picture of a picture... me, in our backyard when I was little.

This was shortly after moving back to Michigan.  I loved this makeup.

Best.  Juice.  Ever.

This is one of my top favorites.  This night was so much fun!

A friend with Skittles at the cider mill.

Guilty pleasure!!!

Hubbard Lake, MI.

These are so tiny and cute!

I giggled.

This is one of those canvas pictures at Ikea.  I LOVE it.

Heading to a Christmas party... where I won a Coach purse :0)

Milo!  His shirt says "I am why we can't have nice things".  Perfect.

I had this at Noodles & Co. the other day.  First carbonated beverage in a couple years!

My Christmas tree this year.
I feel like I go through my iPhone pictures all the time.  It takes me a while to view all of them (obviously...there are so many), but I love going through all of the memories each picture holds.

Here's a New Year's resolution: for 2013, I'm going to try to take my SLR where ever I go.  There are way too many moments everywhere that need to be frozen in a great photo!


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  1. Great pics! My favorite thing about my iPhone is the camera. I usually refer to it as my camera instead of my phone, and I, too, have thousands of pics on it.