Ready, with two feet on the ground.

Photo of the day 1/16: two things.
TWO FEET, firmly on the ground.

 Not a very artistic picture is it? But it was a reminder of something important for me today.

 I am here. I am here in this present moment.

 This is something we always are, but hardly ever fully grasp. I focus so much on what's ahead and what's already behind me that sometimes I feel like an extravagant event could take place right before my eyes and I wouldn't notice a bit of it unless I had someone there to bring it to my attention. Can you imagine now, all of the things that we must be missing in our lives?

Taking this photo of my feet reminded me of why I have tried so many times to start (and commit to) this blog. A man I work with said to me the other day, "If you're taking pictures of everything you're doing while it's happening, how are you actually enjoying anything?" At the time, my answer to his question was simply that I love photography, so it added a bit of a personal hobby to each experience. Taking photos allows me to look back on great memories and share those memories with others. But when taking this photo, I realized that I love the hobby so much because having a camera in my hands is what keeps my attention on the present moment. I'm able to readily snap photos of things that, otherwise, I might have never noticed. Even if I had noticed, I'm sure I wouldn't have never taken the time to analyze what I'd seen unless it was in some way significant.

I see my two feet on the ground every single day. But, did I ever really think about what that really means until now?

 Photo of the day 1/17: Ready.

 So for today's photo of the day, I've chosen to take a picture of my camera in my hands. This is me ready to accept all that each present moment has to offer.

 Readers... friends - whether you're ready with a camera in your hands or you're taking little mental snapshots with your eyes, focus on the little things today. Bring yourself back to the present. To peace.



  1. this is what I hope to do with my photos of the day... memorize the present!! great great post!

  2. This is such a lovely post! :) It really inspires me to be positive!

  3. Great post! This is something I needed to see this week. To live in the present and be at peace. I have browsed through your posts and your photography is amazing. I would also like to snap more pics of daily life, its such a great way to remember and appreciate the little things.

    1. Thank you, and I encourage you to do so! Photography is such a great hobby.

  4. Hi! Love this post! I am new to your blog and I love your pictures!

  5. I did a 365 photo challenge last year, and it was so rewarding! Good for you for doing it too. Happy Friday!

    Silver @ A Silver Snapshot