I found it. The best hair mask EVER.

I've been doing a lot of reading about strengthening my hair lately.  I tried a couple different hair masks and leave in treatments from Sally's a couple weeks ago, which helped a bit with the look of my hair, but not the actual strength.  I want to not only improve the look of my hair, but significantly cut down breakage, add elasticity to my hair, and give it all the nutrients it needs to grow it out long and strong.

Well, I found it.  I gathered what I've read in the past few days, jotted a few notes down, and took a trip to my favorite organic shop... and I'm glad I did.


Castor Oil

Castor oil is known for its many beauty benefits.  It stimulates hair growth, and even prevents gray hair.  It coats each strand of hair, locking in moisture, thickening each strand, and building strength against breakage.  It's also used in many makeup products.  Since Castor oil is a thicker oil, it's easier to mix with other oils when applying to your hair.  Heating the oil will also increase its benefits and make it easier to apply.  

Read more about castor oil for hair here.

Coconut Oil

There are hundreds of uses for coconut oil.  It's great for hair, skin, and overall health (there are even reports of it helping symptoms of depression).  Coconut oil is used in so many hair products because it is one of the best things for your hair; it's packed with nutrients.  It's no wonder people who live in areas where coconuts are grown have such beautiful skin and hair.  Coconut oil works to strengthen and thicken each strand of hair as well, protecting the hair from further damage.

Read more about coconut oil for hair here.

Aloe Gel

Aloe gel soothes the scalp and promotes hair growth.  It works from the scalp to grow healthier and stronger hair, and to reduce shedding -- which is the key to growing hair longer and longer!  Aloe is also very moisturizing, and it works as a detangler.

Read more about aloe gel for hair here.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil has tons of beauty benefits for hair and skin.  It's included in many beauty products because of how effective it moisturizing benefits are.  Vitamin E improves circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth.  It also repairs split ends and adds shine and bounce.  Supplements can also be taken to promote hair growth.

Read more about Vitamin E for hair here.

All together now!

1) First things first, I thoroughly soaked my hair with lukewarm water and dried it quickly with a towel.  

2) I chose to add the aloe gel by itself first since it has a bit of a different consistency compared to the others.  I applied a good amount directly to the scalp (enough to cover the scalp and the rest of my hair), massaging for about 30 seconds, then worked it through to the ends.  

3) Next, I scooped about a quarter-sized amount of coconut oil out of the jar.  Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, but melts immediately when it touches your hands (I think this is cool).  I worked this around in my hands a bit until it was all melted, then added about a dime-sized amount of castor oil, and the same amount of vitamin e oil.  

4) After mixing the three ingredients, I worked this in from root to tip, tied my hair up out of the way, and went downstairs to watch TV.


5) Finally, I hopped in the shower and shampooed a couple times.  I had read that castor oil, since it is thicker, would take a little more washing than usual to completely wash out.  I use Mane Boost shampoo, which doesn't require any conditioner afterwards, so I skipped conditioner completely.

The results!

Immediately after washing this mixture out of my hair, still wet and all, I could feel how much smoother and healthier my hair already was. I grabbed a couple strands to check out the new strength I hoped to have.  It was there.  And then some.  My hair has the most elasticity it's ever had.  When pulling one single strand, it stretches until it can't anymore... but instead of breaking, it slips out of my fingers and snaps back into place!
After air drying, my hair is shiny and SUPER soft.  It's softer than it's felt since before I started using any hair dyes or heat styling.  

Going forward.

Using such small amounts has left me with more than enough of each of these ingredients to keep this up as a weekly mask for quite some time.  It's only the first time using this mask, but seeing (and feeling) the immediate increase in moisture, softness, and strength makes me SO excited to see how effective the long term benefits are -- including increased hair growth!

Overall, I am SUPER impressed.  Once again, I've proven to myself that buying a well-advertised product in a store can promise you one thing, but doing further research and finding the REAL (and usually natural) key ingredients to beautiful, healthy, and strong hair pays off.

I'm telling you... try this!  And let me know how it works for you.



  1. oh my, I need to find something for my hair. It is wavy, but with the humid weather of South Florida, it gets to frizzy...

    1. try it out! I usually flat iron after round-brush blowdrying my hair to cut out the remaining frizz, but I didn't have to this time :)

  2. does it leave your hair oily at all... because after flat ironing and bleaching then coloring my hair it needs some health back in it.

    1. My hair generally gets pretty oily; the only time it doesn't is for a few days after touching up my roots. Otherwise I can't usually go without washing every single day. I've actually noticed since doing this mask a couple days ago, my hair has been LESS oily than usual.

      I did read a tip once that said if you're hair is more oily in the winter it has to do with how DRY your scalp is from the cold weather... they suggested that using a clarifying shampoo (which would normally clear the problem) would actually dry up the scalp more, causing it to produce even more oil.

      All of the ingredients in this mask are extremely good for skin, hair, etc. I think the reason my hair has less oil now is because the mask improved the condition of my scalp as well! :)

    2. Then I am going to have to try it cause your hair is amazing looking!

  3. Wonderful post :) So trying this.


  4. Definitely going to try this out, very informative post :)

  5. Hello

    Has your hair been growing since using these products?

  6. I'm going to try this. I have all the ingredients sitting on my drawer. Thanks for sharing.

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