Dinner at Rochester Mills. YUM.

Happy Sunday!  

Tomorrow will be the start of the first full week of work for me since before Christmas.  I'm ready to have my normal routine back; unfortunately I'm still working on getting over my cold, too.

It was a little warmer outside today, so I decided to reflect that with how I wore my hair!  I'd much rather wear this with a dress in the summer... it's easy and out of my face!

Dave and I went to the Rochester Mills Brewery in Downtown Rochester for an early dinner today.  That place has some seriously delicious food and a great atmosphere.  I've only been there a few times, and I think every time I've gone I've gotten the same thing!

I was ready to order when I walked in the door... I knew what I wanted right when we decided Rochester Mills was our destination.  The Tortellini with Alfredo sauce is awesome.  They give you this huge piece of garlic bread, too. A glass of the Red Blend wine tops it all off perfectly.

Dave picked a burger that had BBQ sauce and Canadian Bacon on it... I've never heard putting Canadian Bacon on a burger before.  But he liked it!

After all that, we were both absolutely stuffed.  I have no idea how I eat almost the whole plate every time!  It's too delicious to waste any of it.

Rochester Mills also has Macaroni and Cheese with LOBSTER!  I have to try this next time.

By the time we finished up and left, it was only 5:30pm.  It feels pretty good to realize that you have some time left in your Sunday.  Back to the grind tomorrow!



  1. Your pictures are lovely! :) I love how you did your hair!

  2. Thank you! It's such a easy, comfy style.

  3. Your hair is gorgeous! Looks cute and vintage. Melissa x