2013: Goals.

We're already almost two full weeks into the new year, but I've finally put together my list of goals for this year (better late than never, right?).  I've been jotting these down on a notepad for about a week, and I think I've narrowed them all down to a good, finalized list.

1) Commit to blogging.  Find new readers and bloggers to connect with and learn from.  I love finding new sources of inspiration... and I hope to inspire someone else some day!

2) Start, and also commit to, a 365 or 52 project (I'm also jotting down ideas for this).  I'm not sure if I want this to be based on photography, blogging, or just life in general. I'd like to do something that I will take something from - I want to learn a lesson if I can.

3) Learn more about photography, and practice LOTS with my camera.  I'd love to take a class, but until then, practice, practice, practice... read, read, read.  I joined a few forums with tons of photography experts that should be able to help me learn a thing or two.

4) Try tons of new things.  Break my comfort zone down as much as possible.  Foods, activities, anything.  The only way to fully enjoy life is to actually live it, and I intend to start doing so.

5) Find out where my skills are in terms of craftiness and creativity.  Find a new creative hobby.  I often feel like I dabble in a lot of areas, but I haven't found my true calling.  I have a creative side, and I want to start exploring it.

6) Be more kind to others (and myself, too).  Being rude and angry might seem like the only way to blow off steam when we're frustrated, but being kind often has a better payoff.

7) Travel more.   Not so much to places that are very far, but to places (even locally) that are new and different.  Get outdoors more.  I vow to bring my camera to each and every one of these places.

8) Go through my clothes.  Donate!  My closet is absolutely filled with things that I hardly ever wear... and probably several things I haven't seen in months because they're buried!  These are things someone else might really appreciate.

9) Practice being more grateful for the things I have.  Goal #8 got me thinking.  I often get caught up on focusing on the negative things that happen, but I have a lot of things, opportunities, and really great people in my life.  I really have no reason to not be able to shrug off most of these negative thoughts.

10) Get healthy.  I've already cut out lots of unhealthy foods... now I need to start focusing on bringing in the super healthy foods!  I'd like to commit to exercising more, too.

What are your goals for the new year?



  1. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog post.. it seems as though you may have deleted it though?

    Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read and comment, what you said is very true and I now realise that my mindset and how I looked at things was completely askew.

    1. Oh, and you should join flickr and browse the forums. They are the best place for photography advice imo.

    2. I hope it wasn't deleted! And thanks for the advice, I'll do that!

  2. I sure hope you find your craftiness :)