How to Purchase Oils... and how to Join doTERRA!

There are three ways you can purchase doTERRA essential oils.  You can purchase them for the retail price, purchase them as a preferred member and save 20%, or purchase them as an IPC and save 25%.

Purchasing at retail price.

If you'd like to purchase your oils at retail price, please click HERE to start shopping!  The oils will be shipped to your home directly from doTERRA.  You can choose different shipping options as well.

Register as a preferred member.

Registering as a preferred member is $10.  This will allow you to purchase doTERRA products at 20% off retail and to receive Loyalty Rewards Points toward free purchases (explained below).  You can upgrade to to an Independent Product Consultant to receive the full 25% percent off at any time for only $25!

Note: to have the option to sell product via your own doTERRA website, or to be able to earn commissions, you must upgrade to an IPC account.

CLICK HERE to register and select "Join as a Preferred Member".

Become a Wellness Advocate (formerly called an IPC, or Independent Product Consultant)

doTERRA Wellness Advocates purchase products at 25% off retail (wholesale pricing) which is the deepest of all doTERRA discounts.  

Wellness Advocates also have the opportunity to earn an income -- but this IS optional!  NO ONE will hassle you to sell or host doTERRA events.  You can sign up for an IPC membership just to enjoy the discounts and other benefits.

Becoming a Wellness Advocate is $35 dollars for a year membership, and $25 each year to renew (plus you get a FREE bottle of Peppermint oil when you renew your membership!!).  This is very much like how a Costco or Sam's club membership works.  When registering for a Wellness Advocate membership, you can also choose to purchase a kit instead which waives the $35 registration fee, AND you will be saving because the kits are discounted!

1) CLICK HERE to go to the sign-up page.

2) Select Join as a New Wellness Advocate

3) The Enroller ID and Sponser ID boxes should be populated already, and my name (Michelle Beal) should be listed.  If not, enter 661798 in both boxes.  

4) Complete the name, billing address, shipping address, and contact information sections.  NONE of your information will be shared with anyone.  (You are asked for your social security number for tax purposes.  If you make over $600 in a year selling doTERRA products, you will be mailed a 1099 form, as required by law).

5) Select your time zone and create a Virtual Office Password.  Your Virtual Office is where you will be able to manage your account, shop at wholesale prices, and more.

6) Agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Virtual Office User Agreement.

7) Choose your enrollment order.  Here, you can choose and enrollment kit (see all kits and what products are included HERE), or you can select the Introductory Packet option for just the $35 enrollment charge. You can also add additional individual items if you'd like.

A great kit to start with if you're on a budget is the Family Physician and Slim & Sassy Kit for $150 (110PV)!  This includes the Family Physician kit, shown in the image below, which contains 5ml bottles of 10 oils that should ALWAYS be in your home, AND a full bottle of Slim & Sassy!

8) You now have the option to set up the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

With the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will earn points (PV) toward FREE doTERRA products, and you can also get doTERRA's product of the month for FREE with a minimum 125PV order.  (Learn more about the Loyalty Rewards Program HERE.)

If you'd like to set up an LRP order, you can select the products you'd like to include in your first LRP order.  You can change the products you include in your LRP order every month or clear the order all together in your Virtual Office.

**It is best to choose a shipment date for LRP orders from the 1st to the 13th of the month so you are eligible for the product of the month.

You are now registered as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate!

You will recieve a confirmation email with your log-in details.  Use these to scope around and get a feel for your Virtual Office.  Please feel free to email me with any questions HERE.  Have fun getting healthy and improving your life with doTERRA essential oils!!

Friday letters.

First of all, of course... Dear readers and fellow bloggers, it's nice to see and hear from you.  How have you all been?  Where have your lives taken you in the past few months?  I'd love to know.


Dear self, relax.  The weather is nice, life is calming down, things are happier.  (Also, dear stomach, I apologize deeply for the stress, but I'm glad you're healing).

To the outdoors... thank you for providing a comfortable place to escape again.  Nothing heals a stressed mind faster than a quick breath of fresh air, or sleeping with the windows open on a rainy night.

Dear camera, I took you up north last weekend and took some beautiful pictures by the water.  Although, anyone with any camera could, it's so gorgeous up there.  The last time I picked you up was the last time I went to the same cabin, with the same water... which was covered in ice and snow.  How weird to be looking through bright springtime photos of the lake, just to all the sudden stumble upon the snowy winter pictures from December.  Sorry for this, I'll try to keep you at my side more often.

Dear iPhone, sorry you're so full of photos lately, but you've been such a great (much lighter) substitute to my DLSR!  (Just look at all the pictures in this post!)

Dear family and Dave, I wish I could completely express how much it means to me when you all deal with my crap, even when I'm miserable to be around.  You're always there with open arms.  I couldn't ask for more (even though I really ask for a lot).

Also, Dave, thank you for taking me with you to go fishing, even if my line gets stuck and fishing suddenly goes from relaxing to dangerous in one quick cast.

How has life been for all of you lately?  I'm excited to catch up and see where you've gone with your blogs.  I know, I'm acting like I've been away for a year, but I kind of feel like I have!  I miss this.

I've been battling sinus infections, one after the other.  Pollen is not on my side this year.  But I'm battling through it, and still trying to spend as much time outside as possible.  The more winters I experience in Michigan, the more I appreciate the summer months.  We've been having a TON of rain... but I love it.  Especially those little (although intense) storms that come through out of no where in the middle of a sunny, humid day.

I figured I'd share a bit of what's filling up my phone lately... more and more little bits of life. 

So get me up to speed.  Let me know how you all are!  I'm excited to be back, even if (again) it's just for a little while.


I'm still here.

I've had a few people asking where I've been lately... I'm sorry about that!  I've been trying to fix a few issues with myself, which is easier to do behind the scenes.

Most of it has been health related.  I've been focusing on trying to get back into a regimen that I had early last year: wake up, pack a healthy breakfast.... drink more water, take the vitamins that I know make a difference but for some reason still forget to take...

I'm also like a cat when it comes to changes.  Big or little.  Since I dyed my hair almost two weeks ago, I'm all on edge and skittish.

On top of that, everything I eat plays a role in how I feel (and think) about things.  Refined sugars and caffeine are an absolute no-no.  Taking too long between meals has this effect as well... sometimes sleeping in doesn't work out too well, especially after drinking.

Cabin fever.  That's a big one.  I need time outdoors.  If I had the ability to enjoy comfortable weather outside for a few hours a day every day, all year round, I think 99% of this would be resolved... but in Michigan, that's not really possible.

But really, let's be honest here -- people deal with this stuff (and much, much worse) on a daily basis.  They deal with it, and they're just fine.  I can't run around blaming all of the worry on little things around me... I love being in the same state as my family and friends, am I going to move just to get away from the cold?  That's stupid.  Instead of running away from things that make me nervous (insert cartoon image of a scared cat here..... from earlier cat reference), I want to break each one of these down and live like everyone else.

I'm overly critical of myself.  Everyone is... but I really am.  All of this used to be much worse 2-3 years back.  It's gradually gotten better.  Sometimes I just need those little bits of time where I over-exaggerate how bad everything really is, just to bring my motivation back up.  Right after those times is when I make the best changes.

So... that's where I've been.  It's been a little while, but I'm not going anywhere.

How have you all been?  We need to catch up.

Friday Letters.


Dear Hair, you'll be quite different soon.  Sorry in advance for the major damage headed your way.  Blondes have more fun...?

Dear Bank Account, you'll be looking quite different with this change as well.

Dear, lovely Winter, how beautiful is this fresh blanket of snow you've provided this morning?  How great was the drive in this morning?!  Sorry, but I can't wait to see you go.

(Dear Boyfriend, thanks for the drive to work this morning :0])

Dear delicious, red Merlot, thank you for providing such wonderful stress relief last night.  Not so much thanks for the headache and heartburn this morning.

Dear camera, Sorry I haven't taken you out in a while.  (I really need to post the pictures I took when Dave and I visited Icefest in Frankenmuth.....)  I'll make it up to you soon.

Dear Friday, please, oh please, bring 5:00PM to me quickly because....

Dear WEEKEND, what would I do without you.  After this week, you're my only hope of keeping sanity.



I miss being outside.

The snow is pretty, especially when the flakes are huge and it falls so slowly, but the cold air is uninviting.  I feel like I've been breathing the same recycled air for months now, and I think my skin hates it more than I do.  I feel closed in and trapped, and getting out of bed is so hard when it's barely twenty degrees outside.  I want to sit on my porch (more accurately, my little slab of concrete) and get up with the sun to take morning walks.  I want to sit outside through each sunset instead of watching them as I drive home from work.  More than anything, I hate hearing about pile-up crashes taking lives because of slippery roads and low visibility.

February is the usually the worst; thankfully once we hit March we can start remembering that it only gets better from there.

For me, the end of winter isn't just being able to effortlessly keep warm, but it's being able to wander outdoors, feel the comfort of the sun, and breathe in fresh air.  Something about me changes every year with the seasons; it's like I'm a whole new person when the sun comes out, and everything in nature is brought back to life again.  It feels like being whole again.


The Liebster Award!

My blog was nominated for a Liebster Award by Stephichop's Beauty Blog!  The Liebster Award is nominated to blogs with less than 200 followers to help promote them.

The Rules:
1) Nominees must link back to the blogger who awarded them
2) If nominated, write 11 Random Facts' about yourself!
3)  Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you wrote for you
4) Come up with 11 new questions to be answered by 11 new nominees

11 Random Facts about Me!
1. I'm naturally a dark blonde, I've been dying my hair dark for years.
2. My favorite line of makeup is NYX.
3. I have a medium case of Emetophobia
4. Patchouli and Sandalwood are two of my favorite smells, both for wearing and for my home.
5. Holistic medicine fascinates me, I've done a lot of reading about it and still do.
6. I've only been out of the United States once... to Canada.
7. I'm scared of the dark, but I love horror movies.
8. My Spotify Starred List has almost 1,000 songs on it.
9. I love earthy colors for my home, and dark colors for my wardrobe.
10. Pizza and pasta are my comfort foods.
11.  My body can't handle caffeine or high amounts of refined sugars.

11 Questions for ME:
1. How do you like to spend your free time?
Shooting pictures, driving random places, or having movie marathons.  If I can't find anything to do, I clean my house with the music up LOUD.

2. What's the reason behind your blog name?
Just a nickname :0)

3. Sweet or Savoury foods? 
I have a HUGE sweet tooth, but my diet makes it a little hard to eat those foods all the time (unless they're organic sugar!).  I love Savoury foods, Philly Cheesesteak is one of my favorites.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Hopefully in the same career, maybe married.  Hopefully in a house (with a fantastic mountain view) instead of a rented property!  I've learned so much in the past 5 years, I can't wait to see what I learn in the next five.

5. One thing that irritates you about the same sex? 
They make me nervous.  I'm not sure if it's because I grew up with no sisters, but for some reason I'm much more comfortable around guys.  I wish this weren't as true as it is.

6. Most used make up item?

Foundation.  If I don't use anything else, I at least use a little foundation in a couple areas to brighten up my face.

7. Favorite childhood memory? 
This is more than one, but all the little family vacations we'd take when we were younger.  Going to Ohio for the first time got me so excited (Ohio, can you believe that?!) just because we were going out of state.  But our trips to North Carolina were the best.

8. If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, which one you choose?
I'd probably pick Kohl's.  It's not my usual "go-to" for a lot of things, but I can always find great dresses, work clothes, jeans, shoes, even makeup in a pinch.  They have great sales.  I guess I'll need to build my own farm ;)

9. Who is your celebrity idol for make up and hair? 
I'm not sure that I have one that stays consistent, but I always come back to Megan Fox for a classic red lip look.

10. Do you have any life time regrets if so what and why?
A lot I'm sure, but the only one I want to focus on is not doing more with my life so far.  I'm working on changing that, that's the purpose of keeping this blog.

11. Who inspires you most in your life?
AuraJoon at  I decided this when I first read her blog a couple years ago, and I haven't changed my mind since.

My Nominees (in no particular order, of course):
1). Hook, Yarn and Stinkers
2) Simplicity Interrupted
3) Life Astonished
4) Babbling Bridge
5) Miles from Ordinary
6) Honeybees
7) Borrowed Heaven
8) Distract Me Now Please
9) A Beauty Romancee
10) Louise Rose Clarke
11) Veranellies

11 Questions for YOU:
1) What is your favorite thing about blogging?
2) What are the blogs that give you the most inspiration?
3) If you could meet one blogger in real life, who would it be?
4) If you could master any skill, what would it be?
5) Who is your celebrity crush?
6) Define your perfect day (weather, activities, time of the year...)
7) What's one thing that makes you CRINGE?
8) What's your all-time favorite food or recipe?
9) What do you think is your best accomplishment?
10) Are others' thoughts of you important to you?  Why or why not?
11)  What was your most life-changing experience?

Congratulations!  I can't wait to see your responses.  Happy blogging, and keep it up!


Hectic week.

Happy almost Friday (thank goodness).

What a week it's been.  A cold one, at that.  This weather has been messing with us quite a bit here in Michigan.  Although we had two nice Saturdays in a row, one with temperatures in the high 50s/low 60s and one in the mid 40s, Tuesday morning was sub-zero, and temperatures for the past few days have been topping out in the teens.  Thankfully this weekend will be back in the thirties (I can't believe I'm saying that).  But next Tuesday reads 52 degrees and thunderstorms...?  I can't keep up.

On Sunday, I rekindled my love for Noodles & Co.'s Pasta Fresca after a nasty bloodsugar crash (that could have easily been avoided, of course).  I used to eat at this place all the time in high school, but I don't think I've ever tried any of their other pastas.  I really wonder if I'm the only one who puts Soy Sauce all over my Pasta Fresca (with extra Parmesan cheese and Parmesan chicken).  I wish I could remember what made me come up with this idea... but it's delicious!
Dave and I spent time at one of our favorite spots on Sunday night with some friends and had some sort of cute little heart-to-heart, which was then captured in photos.
On Monday, the idea of Geocaching, which I got into during my time in Maryland, was brought back up.  I can't wait to get started on this, hopefully this weekend!  It seems like there are many more popping up around here than there were last summer.  It's great to see so many people getting involved in such a cool hobby!
Then, unfortunately, late Monday night my power went out.... on possibly the coldest night we have had thus far.  That turned our planned movie-night to a bust.  My laptop might have saved this, if I had charged it.  Dave and I lit candles for light (and heat), listened to country music, and played card games with some nervous and sleepy little puppies.

Tuesday, which was supposed to be the highlight of the week with a dinner planned that night, was hectic.  I'm a planner and a list-maker, and I depend heavily on routine.  With the power still down, I had to drop my puppies at my mom's and get ready for work there, then run back to my house to turn the water on to a slow trickle to keep the pipes from freezing, and grab my dress and heels for dinner before finally getting to work late (phew).  Getting to work at a different time than usual already messes with me a bit, but having to change my whole plan of getting prepared for something ahead of time REALLY does the trick. I had planned on taking pictures that night (I even wrote this on my little list, see below), but as you can imagine, that didn't work out.  We had a picture taken at the dinner by a photographer... I hope we get to snag a copy!
Thankfully, the power was back on by around 3 that afternoon (also, thankfully I turned our water on, because pipes were bursting around the complex that night).  I still had to make a stop to pick up a few things before getting all dolled up and heading there, and we definitely were late, but it all turned out well and we had a great time (and a couple HUGE steaks).

Yesterday was calm.  Work was normal, leftover steak from the night before for lunch was delicious (although in combination with the exhaustion from the day before, it induced quite the food coma), and getting home to no plans and no need to rush around was awesome.  We went to our favorite spot, had a couple drinks with a friend, and ended the night with working power and heat.

It's now almost the weekend.  Although it will still be cold, Geocaching is on my list of things to do.  Also on my list is art journaling!  I stumbled upon art journaling through a few blogs I was checking out earlier this week and fell in love with the idea.  What a great way to use the photos we take almost everyday.

I'd really like to make it to the museum to see that Lego exhibit I've been planning to see for the past couple weeks, but this is going on until some time in February.  The Fire and Ice Show is this weekend in Downtown Rochester; for any of you that might be in Southeast Michigan, the list of activities is here.  Frankenmuth's Snowfest is this weekend, too!  If I weren't so clumsy, I'd definitely go to the ice skating rink in Detroit.

I know winter is cold and dreary, and a lot of the time you'd really like to keep cooped up in your warm, comfortable homes, but do a quick search on the internet for events going on in your area.  There might be a few annual festivals close to you that really help you to appreciate the coldest months of the year!

Any plans for the weekend?


Tutorial: Glowing, contoured face.

Happy Saturday everyone!  I decided to put together a short tutorial this morning showing how I do my foundation.  It's somewhat of a process, but it looks great every time... and really, it's simple!  

I use two colors of NYX's High Definition foundation.  The darker shade is the foundation that matches my skintone, and the lighter shade (the lightest one NYX makes) is the color used to highlight.

Apply both shades as shown above; the picture on the right might be easier to follow.  The highlighting shade is put in areas where light would generally hit the face.  The lighter shade will bring out areas of your face, while the darker shade will minimize (and thin) other areas.  A lighter shade above the top lip and a darker shade below the bottom lip will enhance the appearance of your lips.  Overall, the face will look thinner, and the cheekbones more defined.

Blend with your fingertips, but make sure the contrast between the two shades of foundation is still there.  Alternating between fingers (one for light and one for dark) or keeping a tissue on hand to wipe off excess foundation will help.

The two foundations create a bright blow and a minor contouring effect.  You could stop here, or add more depth with a contouring powder of your choice.

The contouring color that I use is part of a blush duo by Avon (you can definitely tell I use this a lot).  A good contouring color is darker than your skintone, but not too dark that it looks unnatural even after blending.  Bronzer can be used for some contouring, but I find that it has too much orange in it which makes it look less natural.  Plus, sometimes I like to use bronzer instead of a pink blush after contouring... when both are applied, you can definitely see the difference in color.

Apply the contouring shade to each of the areas where the darker foundation was applied.  The contouring powder adds more contrast between the two colors, which adds more definition.  Blend until it looks more natural. I use an eyeshadow brush to draw two lines down the length of my nose.  This can help to make a nose look thinner and more straight. When blending these lines, I avoid blending towards the center of my nose (where the highlight is), and focus more towards blending down the sides.  Sometimes I add more contour color under the inner eyebrow, into the inner corner of the eyes.  This can help make eyes that are farther apart look closer together.

Add some blush or bronzer, and you're all done!

What do you think?  Does your foundation routine involve several steps as well, or is yours more simple?  Let me know if you try this!


Ready, with two feet on the ground.

Photo of the day 1/16: two things.
TWO FEET, firmly on the ground.

 Not a very artistic picture is it? But it was a reminder of something important for me today.

 I am here. I am here in this present moment.

 This is something we always are, but hardly ever fully grasp. I focus so much on what's ahead and what's already behind me that sometimes I feel like an extravagant event could take place right before my eyes and I wouldn't notice a bit of it unless I had someone there to bring it to my attention. Can you imagine now, all of the things that we must be missing in our lives?

Taking this photo of my feet reminded me of why I have tried so many times to start (and commit to) this blog. A man I work with said to me the other day, "If you're taking pictures of everything you're doing while it's happening, how are you actually enjoying anything?" At the time, my answer to his question was simply that I love photography, so it added a bit of a personal hobby to each experience. Taking photos allows me to look back on great memories and share those memories with others. But when taking this photo, I realized that I love the hobby so much because having a camera in my hands is what keeps my attention on the present moment. I'm able to readily snap photos of things that, otherwise, I might have never noticed. Even if I had noticed, I'm sure I wouldn't have never taken the time to analyze what I'd seen unless it was in some way significant.

I see my two feet on the ground every single day. But, did I ever really think about what that really means until now?

 Photo of the day 1/17: Ready.

 So for today's photo of the day, I've chosen to take a picture of my camera in my hands. This is me ready to accept all that each present moment has to offer.

 Readers... friends - whether you're ready with a camera in your hands or you're taking little mental snapshots with your eyes, focus on the little things today. Bring yourself back to the present. To peace.


Button Swap

I'd love to swap buttons with you!  Please share your blog (and your button) with me.  I love reading new blogs!

Here's mine:

M i a B e l l a

January 2013 #FMSPHOTOADAY

As you all know, I've been thinking of starting some sort of project for the year... either a 52 or a 365 project.  I've seen these specific Photo a Day posts on a couple different blogs.  I like how each day has a particular topic.  Instead of taking photos of the same thing over and over because you find days where you lack inspiration, this photo-a-day project gives you some direction.  A few of these might even be things that you've never tried to capture.  It could be a learning experience!  I'll start with #16 tonight and go forward!

To play along, check out Fat Mum Slim, the blog where this originated.

Snaps from last week.

Last week was pretty calm.  We watched a lot of movies, and spent quality time with the little puppy dogs.  We had plans to go to see an exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum last weekend, but unfortunately didn't end up making it.  Oh well, there's always next week!

I was having one of those days where a simple ponytail is too simple.  I decided to throw a quick, somewhat sloppy braid in the front to casually spice it up.  It did a great job of keeping my hair out of my face!

We ended up going to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner.  That place has the best Parmesan Crusted Chicken, and their mashed potatoes are delicious.  (And Dave, what a cutie.)

One excited little Skittles.  She can do so many little puppy tricks (not on command though...yet).  She's begging for attention here, as usual.

 I felt a little bit crafty and took a trip to Joanne Fabrics for a few suppies.... I wonder what this could be?

I fell in love with these dainty little pink prints.

Saturday was in the sixties!  The weather was beautiful.  It's absolutely amazing how much one day like that in the winter can lift your spirits.

Dave and I took advantage of the warm weather and gave the puppies hair cuts.  Milo looks so unbelievably teeny now.  I can't wait to see how big he gets!

Skittles was so matted from getting snow stuck to her. Her collar was tangled into her hair!  I guess they probably would have looked much better if I'd taken them to a professional, but my mom had the clippers and I had the patience, and it probably saved me around $60.  Besides, I still think they both look adorable.

Sunday morning I took a trip to one of my favorite health food shops, Nutrifoods in Royal Oak.  I love the place; their staff is so knowledgeable!  A few of these ingredients were used to make the hair mask I posted about earlier here.  The Almond Dream Bites are vanilla flavored ice cream made from almond milk covered in organic dark chocolate.  They are amazing, especially for someone who can't usually enjoy ready-made sweets like this because of the refined sugar!

I made a list today of some places in Michigan I'd like to visit this year.  Unfortunately I'll have to wait for the cold weather to go before starting any exploring.  I've lived here my whole life, and have still managed to miss out on some of the most beautiful places.... but that'll change this year!

How was your week?  Have you done anything this week that you've never done before?