Edit: The Happiness Switch.

Happiness is a habit.  The best way to start the habit is to flip on the switch!  We choose how we feel, and today I chose to be happy from here on out.

We all need to realize what it is that makes us happy, and what it is that doesn't.  Pull the happy things to the front, and push the unhappy things to the back.  As cliche as the statement is, life is short!  The best way to appreciate it and experience it to the fullest is to fill it with the things that make you feel the most fulfilled.  Find out what's important to you, what works for you, and what is best for you, and focus on that.  Make a lesson out of everything.... find the positive in everything!

Here's to deciding how we feel for ourselves, and not letting our thoughts or emotions decide that for us.

Edit:  Take a little bit every once in a while to remember who you are and how wonderful and beautiful you are as an individual.  All you need to be happy is faith in yourself.  This is something everyone should learn early; I wish I had!


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