Taking the Christmas Tree Down.

It seems like I just put my Christmas tree up only a few days ago... even though it's been up since before Thanksgiving, and I've probably had to fix the ornaments a million times from the cats thinking it's their play place.

I remember waiting and waiting for Christmas when I was little, to the point where it felt like it took years for it to get here every year. The anticipation was so strong and I could never find enough activities to fill the time until the day finally arrived. Suddenly now, especially this year, it seems like there is no where near enough time to get everything done! Now it almost feels as though we decorate one day, and take it all down the next. School used to become so carefree and easy right before Christmas break, but now in college, finals are in progress around this time, and at work, projects need to be finished before the end of the year. Everything is such a rush!

 But, every year, even if the excitement I had as a little girl for Santa to come and to see presents under the tree is more and more short lived, the excitement of seeing my family together having fun and happily celebrating the holidays takes it's place and becomes the source of my anticipation. This year, my family and I got together to play games, watch movies, and enjoy each other's company.

I can't wait for next year! ...and, to my cats' dismay, I'll be taking my Christmas tree down tonight.

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