The meaning of life.

This is that question that is so cliche... what is the meaning of life?

Although it seems like this is such an impossible question to answer, is it really?  Maybe there is a meaning to each of our individual lives.  What is it we were given this life to accomplish?  I've always had the idea that there is a deeper meaning to every part of life, and that everything happens for a reason, but because of this my mind is constantly wandering around in circles trying to answer every single question that these two ideas create.  Maybe there is a deeper meaning to each of our lives and everything we are put through, but maybe the best thing to do is sit back once in a while and not try so hard to decipher the meaning of everything going on around us.  Maybe then there would be more opportunities to relax and enjoy life the way it is.

Don't forget to breathe.


  1. I think sometimes people try to make to much of certain experiences. Maybe we all should be sitting back and breathing more, along with enjoying life itself.

    Great that it got me thinking.

  2. I agree... this goes directly with a tidbit I read today about the idea that searching for happiness is not the correct way to find it. Often times people overwhelm themselves with activities that they believe will help them find true happiness, then start to over think about whether the activities are successful in helping or not.. and suddenly it turns out to be more impossible than before.

    While trying to find happiness myself, I am realizing that the easiest way is to just sit back and breathe, and just realize that life itself is such a gift.