I want to start decorating.  When it comes to shopping, whether it be for clothes, household items, books... I tend to pick up things that I want, but somehow before checking out I manage to put them down and only walk out with the things I need, if anything.  I like that I do this, especially when it comes to clothing, but I've found that because of this habit, my apartment isn't really as 'me' as I pictured it would be.  I often pick up candles, picture frames, and other little knick-knacks, but I put them down and walk out with only the spatula and mixing bowl I need to make pancakes the next morning.

When you walk into someone's home, a lot of what you notice are things that make the home a home; the little things.  These little things are treasures that have been collected over the years.  They are what bring out the personality of the people that live in the home.  I have a quirky, yet easy-going personality and I want it to be showcased.  I want it to be easy to tell that this is my special place when you walk through the door.

My Dream Home

Olentangy Falls ~ Delaware, OH contemporary kitchen

I love earthy colors and textures.  The color palette in my dream home would be a mix of natural greens, beiges and browns, creams, yellows... all colors that you can find simply by looking out the window, contrasted with dark wood furniture.  My dream home would be filled with sunlight, the smell of sandalwood, and life in the form of fresh, green plants.  I want to display pieces of art that express happiness and warmth, photos of my family and my favorite places.  I also want to fill my home with little unique treasures from antique shops and thrift shops that I feel define who I am and what my life means to me.

My perfect home would be a place where I can easily find peace and tranquility.  I want visitors in my home to immediately feel that they are in a relaxing and refreshing environment.  The kitchen will not only be a place to make different foods, but a place to gather and make memories.  My family room will be warm and inviting, and my bedroom will be my little quiet retreat.  The backyard will hold a serene little garden where I grow my herbs and fresh vegetables... but overall, my home will be a place where I relax, feel like myself, and feel at home.

I believe that one of the best ways to find yourself is to surround yourself with little bits and pieces of your personality.  Every time you wake up in the morning, or you walk in from a rough day at work, you have the opportunity to look around and remember who you are and why you are so unique... how great is that?

To see what images I've compiled to visualize my dream home, and other collections of images I've put together to define my personality, please visit my Pinterest page at

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  1. I love the same kind of look for a home. Natural yet rich with character! <3